For my Chinese friends

I see that the vast majority of hits on my site are from China – I don’t know why, but whatever the reason, I thought this book is worth recommending – it goes back a long time.

Click on this link to go to one of many places to buy it. I don’t think it’s been made into an E-book.


And this is Google translate’s attempt at the above:

我看到我的網站上的點擊率絕大多數都是來自中國 – 我不知道為什麼,但無論是什麼原因,我認為這本書是值得推薦的 – 它可以追溯到很長一段時間。
點擊鏈接去很多地方買它的一個 – 我不認為它被製作成電子書。


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