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The old problem which Dawkins and Hawking and especially Crick can’t answer – reduced to a simple formula by the late AE Wilder-Smith in a debate decades ago at the Oxford Union.

It renders alternatives to creation rather less scientific than they are made out to be, and shows how adding one element, a surprise effect not derived from matter or the laws of nature, completes the equation.

The creationist scientist suggests that the more honest and evidence based equation would be:

Inorganic matter + Energy + Time + Information = Life, and reproductive life at that.

Can’t get over the way my baby son has formed, was born and is growing, and am not yet so boorish as to think he’s just an accident of molecular structure. God designed him – any creative people can surely recognise the hand of an artist and give that artist the glory he deserves?

This website page carries more information than usual – it was not an accident, nor was it created by one!

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