Month: February 2014

Typing Chimps

Tweet I promised someone this on Twitter, then took so long getting round to transcribing it that the person’s kind offer of a place to post it lapsed. I’m therefore posting it here as otherwise all that typing practice will

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Dawkins sticks his neck out… like a giraffe

Tweet Just reflecting on something I missed out of my review of Richard Dawkins’ autobiography – an interesting diversion that didn’t really fit into an¬†already long post. When I read it, I thought, “He’s having a giraffe – is it

Commuting is exciting.. commuting is fun!

TweetHonestly, some days you wouldn’t know it …

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Yes that hat really is on my train

Tweet And here’s someone who can’t be touched by the weather from a day or two ago…

Nice to see some sun…

TweetYou get great reflections off shiny things…


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