Tractor no longer in trouble

Blimey. Wasn’t expecting this to work.  It has decent amounts of torque. I put a 28 kg car battery on it to test A and R’s likely attempt to use it.  The torque slip on the screwdriver setting kicked in, but it moved off and accelerated.  Set it to drill setting and the throttle will definitely have to be limited.  Will get through batteries in half an hour I reckon.

All quite tidy as well.


To finish it off:

  • cut off ends of threaded rod
  • mark & drill holes in the axle for split pins or bolts
  • make more room to take battery off
  • add a throttle pedal & connect to trigger
  • Big one – get a new drill and remove the electronic brake?
  • Get a new 4 Ah battery
  • make and fit a forward / reverse lever
  • make a brake / anchor / parachute
  • Pop rivet some small steel angle on the underneath as the chopping out has made it weaker.
  • Pack out the gearbox with grease
  • Danish oil the plywood bearing housing again
  • Go round it and make it safe / waterproof.

I think with split pins in the axles to keep the wheels turning the first thing to break would be a pin which might save the next drill the fate of the last one.




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