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  1. Conrad

    We lived at Sutton for the first year of our marriage – 1959-60 – as tenants of part of the ground floor of 20 Manor Park Road, nearly opposite a gate into the park. It looks as though there’s a tall block there now, or perhaps no.20 is still there and the tall block is just below it. I haven’t been to Sutton in decades, so would probably not recognise anything.

    Does Shinners still exist?


    1. Brian – 20 Manor Park Road is still there and looking well cared for! It’s the first building to the south of the tower block. And Shinners is now a Wilkinsons – what was Len’s?

      1. Conrad.

        Thanks; my mistake – it was Lens (as in camera) not Len’s as in Leonard’s. It was a hobbyists’ shop dealing in transport magazines and photos, known far and wide to enthusiasts. The shop had its front at pavement level and its back on posts hanging over the edge of an old quarry, or possibly the railway embankment. I googled it after commenting here, and I recommend you give it a glance too.

        While we lived at Sutton we went to Vernon Hall. It was a smallish Open Brethren assembly in Vernon Road; a good fellowship, they looked after us well. Elders there included Kenneth Khan, a Bank Manager, Mr Purton, school teacher, Mr Scullard, and Redenham Guyatt, at that time a very well-known conference speaker among the Brethren.


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