That’s me, not them! Thinking I was getting two beards for one, I started on the right hand one as I became aware of peer pressure on my right – a lady peering and potentially giving the game away by smiling. I scribbled sssh! which seemed to work, then she spoke to him – she was with the guy on the right.. Fortunately got to Victoria just then and escaped.


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  1. Oh the joys of public transport. Roz is just back from London and told me that her Mum was on a bus the other day when a couple of angry and abusive young lads got on. The driver refused to drive on until the lads apologised to everyone on board for their bad language. “P” prayed about the situation, and then incredibly they got off at the same stop as my dear M in Law, where upon she started to witness to them and appeared to make a link. Very brave.

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