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TweetDon’t sin anymore, in case something worse happens to you? An untidy miracle or a provocation of the chaps who can’t bear to see a doorbell rung on the sabbath?    

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The last half of John chapter 4

TweetAfter the Samaritan woman at the well (poor quality sketches), Jesus said to his puzzled disciples “I have food to eat that you don’t know about”. What kept him going?  What’s the situation in the field?   

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Dave Walker on the man who was really let down in Mark’s gospel

Tweet I’m pretty sure that in nearly 40 years this is the first time I’ve got anyone to sign something. ¬†Oh no – hang on, there was Roger Black (or Steve Backley?) at a work motivational thing, but I’m …

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Marshall Meek remembered…

Tweet I was checking into the very good John Stevens blog this morning and saw a post I’d missed that mentioned Marshall Meek – delightfully as an example of someone who saw the need to innovate or die in the

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