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TweetApologies for the disruption that has occurred to this blog. 26 days have gone by like smoke. Let’s pray for these commuters….    

TweetDon’t sin anymore, in case something worse happens to you? An untidy miracle or a provocation of the chaps who can’t bear to see a doorbell rung on the sabbath?    

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TweetAfter the Samaritan woman at the well (poor quality sketches), Jesus said to his puzzled disciples “I have food to eat that you don’t know about”. What kept him going?  What’s the situation in the field?   

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TweetJohn’s gospel – see if you can spot the famous verse we’re learning…  

TweetGood spot to sit while the kids play..    

TweetInto John 2 this morning.. R likes a good wedding, A likes sipping the wine as the master of the feast.

TweetTomorrow morning’s prep….

TweetCould have got them for £2.50 but I felt bad. Bargain.  

TweetTakes longer than I thought (as usual).  See if you can match the verses…   

TweetThis is what the kids found this morning….  Surely this can be done on Saturday & Sunday mornings going forward?  Needs to beat Peppa Pig..   

TweetYes – the chap with the hoodie likes it enough to share with us. Latest train sketch method is with an Adonit Jot Touch stylus on iPad. Next up: pictures of commuters who have just been told to try their luck …

Thrash metal on the morning commute Read More »

TweetGorgeous day for cycling, but felt the need for a train sketch.    

TweetAnd not on the island of Patmos either… Man drinking Guinness outside a pub.    The daily sketch, 

TweetDidn’t get time to add the rest.   

TweetMinimalist beard – uploaded this time?

TweetOne minimalist beard and one great profile (whose nose I over-shaded). Problems with WordPress mean only one may have uploaded…

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TweetGood value two for the price of one. Plus I got treated to a fantastic pronunciation of “Selhurst” on the way through. A bit annoyed about some of that eye shading though..

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TweetJust had to make the effort to get the WordPress app functioning again after this high quality beardage on this morning’s train.

TweetHigh quality beardage

TweetAnd I ran out of ink…

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