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A two-commuter morning


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Overheard outside Waitrose

TweetArt students discussing the merits of drawing raisins…

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Sounds of the Underground

TweetOn the Tube

Where did you get that hat?

TweetWhere did he get that hat? and the scarf and the other scarf…

A few more commuters left in the year..

TweetMaybe time left for a frenzy of activity tomorrow. Until then, another [fellow] beardy.

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Back on the passenger wagons

TweetThis was a service on which I actually had use of my hands – most trips while I wait for my motorbike helmet to come back have been to crammed to draw.

Back on the train sketching

TweetDifficult to sketch on a motorbike – my new highly effective escape from the clutches of Southern Rail. Nice to have a break though. Had to respond to this wonderfully shiny pate.  

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Thumbnail sketch

TweetCommuter on a train during a strike?

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What do you say?

TweetWhen it’s the hottest day of the year and someone decides to use your table to park their backside? Answer: nothing at all…

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Just got a commuter in before the weekend…

TweetHe looks like I feel.

Commuters on the wrong train

TweetWrong for me, that is. ┬áMy home town suddenly became inaccessible by train so I had to get as close as I could on these chaps’ train..   Very kind of them.

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Never look a gift beard in the face…

TweetGreat one – had to bring my pen out for this fine commuter

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Fairly safe commuter sketch

TweetLooks nothing like the commuter! Very rusty.

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Commuters smile more on Fridays

TweetStudies have shown…. Studies have also shown that not drawing for almost 2 months makes one rusty.

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It’s Friday

TweetHave a good weekend…

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No I am not exaggerating this beard

TweetThis could happen to anyone.

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Cryptic Scarf

TweetHis crossword is nearly complete but I can’t work out what that scarf is for…

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Various commuters


What sort of tank?

TweetNot sure I’d hear a tank over those headphones…

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This morning’s crop

TweetOne minimalist beard and one great profile (whose nose I over-shaded). Problems with WordPress mean only one may have uploaded…

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