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Tractor gear lever

Tweet All coming together – this should prevent accidental gear changes. Throttle already on and working. May need an ‘off’ position.

Tractor proof of life


Tractor no longer in trouble

TweetBlimey. Wasn’t expecting this to work.  It has decent amounts of torque. I put a 28 kg car battery on it to test A and R’s likely attempt to use it.  The torque slip on the screwdriver setting kicked in,

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Tractor in trouble..

TweetHere’s the challenge. A’s tractor is great, but it’s too hard to pedal, and we’re scared of him or some other kid getting feet crushed in the pedals while being pushed enthusiastically from behind. Plus, for a boy who doesn’t

Yew might be dangerous

Tweet Really? This is a board for antipasti, and Yew may not be the ideal choice for serving food. I’m pretty sure the coats of Danish Oil, the fact that I’m not actually chewing the wood, and the lack of

This isn’t getting enough use….

TweetMight have to make more for the rest of the family…

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This has taken a while…

TweetAnd it needs finishing, but done in time to use it.

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Recovery – this works

Tweet Handlebars now keep small boy in seat. Still requires monitoring.

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Not a success….

Tweet This was a great idea, but currently has the status of a bad use of a sunny weekend. When small chap saw it he squealed with delight, climbed on and waddled off, talking. Test not a success. That he

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