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TweetI am thankful that there is a train that takes me to work.  I really am.  But does it have to be like this? People were crammed into this dirty space with such little understanding of where they were that …

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TweetIllustrations for a talk on Hebrews 12, placed by a master illustrator in Hebrews 11… By faith, what did each do? Oh and he was out of order…

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TweetEveryone is invited to a new start-up in Sutton. A larger number of beggars telling how they found bread…

TweetDon’t sin anymore, in case something worse happens to you? An untidy miracle or a provocation of the chaps who can’t bear to see a doorbell rung on the sabbath?    

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TweetAfter the Samaritan woman at the well (poor quality sketches), Jesus said to his puzzled disciples “I have food to eat that you don’t know about”. What kept him going?  What’s the situation in the field?   

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TweetDouble sided – the flip side of each argument.  Just an idea at this stage – needs some work..

Tweet I promised someone this on Twitter, then took so long getting round to transcribing it that the person’s kind offer of a place to post it lapsed. I’m therefore posting it here as otherwise all that typing practice will …

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Tweet I was checking into the very good John Stevens blog this morning and saw a post I’d missed that mentioned Marshall Meek – delightfully as an example of someone who saw the need to innovate or die in the …

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TweetWaitrose have got a bit of a cheek, haven’t they? They sent this to me after a while of being a member of their loyalty scheme (which is great, I might add). I opened it, and was put right off …

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Tweet Apologies for the poor picture quality, that was done on the 7:56 to London Victoria, and it’s from memory. The memory is from nearly 20 years ago, lying on the top bunk of another train – the sleeper from …

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