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A two-commuter morning


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A few more commuters left in the year..

TweetMaybe time left for a frenzy of activity tomorrow. Until then, another [fellow] beardy.

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Back on the passenger wagons

TweetThis was a service on which I actually had use of my hands – most trips while I wait for my motorbike helmet to come back have been to crammed to draw.

Never look a gift beard in the face…

TweetGreat one – had to bring my pen out for this fine commuter

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No I am not exaggerating this beard

TweetThis could happen to anyone.

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Various commuters


This morning’s crop

TweetOne minimalist beard and one great profile (whose nose I over-shaded). Problems with WordPress mean only one may have uploaded…

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El Cid (and Mrs El Cid)

TweetGood value two for the price of one. Plus I got treated to a fantastic pronunciation of “Selhurst” on the way through. A bit annoyed about some of that eye shading though..

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Compensating stubble?

TweetWhat do we reckon – slightly receding hairline under there? Nothing wrong with that.

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Commuter, bearded in his train..


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A strong beard theme this evening


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TweetThat’s me, not them! Thinking I was getting two beards for one, I started on the right hand one as I became aware of peer pressure on my right – a lady peering and potentially giving the game away by

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