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Art students discussing the merits of drawing raisins…

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On the Tube

Where did he get that hat?

and the scarf

and the other scarf…

Maybe time left for a frenzy of activity tomorrow.

Until then, another [fellow] beardy.

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This was a service on which I actually had use of my hands – most trips while I wait for my motorbike helmet to come back have been to crammed to draw.

From the hill behind Eweleaze farm – can’t remember whether I posted this before. Old sketch.

From La Roma – purveyors of tasty yet odd pizzas.

Have to work on my cars. They always start well, but it’s the wheels that stuff ’em every time.

Cracking double rainbow

In so much rain we couldn’t see the town.  A wanted that car red, but it was black. Done from a great place called Olive Bizarre – recommended.

Somewhere near Lodsworth – a year ago almost to the day




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Now managing to add some colour to old sketches ..

Including me, and this chap.  Pin back yer eyelids for some content at last…


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Difficult to sketch on a motorbike – my new highly effective escape from the clutches of Southern Rail. Nice to have a break though.

Had to respond to this wonderfully shiny pate.



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Fantastic evening in Christchurch Harbour

IMG_1588 IMG_1589


A lot better than yesterday’s effort, which I can’t bring myself to post.


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Commuter on a train during a strike?


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